Why have a facial?

For Teens

They don't teach you skin care in school and in some ways it's up to teens to find out answers on their own. This can mean reading biased information from uneducated sources on social media. Come by for a free consultation and ask as many questions as you like! With skin care, knowledge is power. Finding out your skin type can help determine what products to use and how often to use them. When you come for your consultation a facial may be recommended. For those suffering from constant breakouts, monthly facials are recommended at first, following that, the time between facials can be extended.


In order to have the best look possible for your special day it is recommended to get on a schedule of monthly facials at least four months prior to your big day. The number of breakouts will be reduced and your skin will be glowing. You will also be looking good for any events leading up to the big day! 

Women 20s to 40s

A consultation will determine your need and frequency for a facial. It is recommended that with problematic skin, a facial be done once a month. Your skin will change over time and will greatly improve your skins look and feel. The need for having a facial may diminish over time. To receive the benefits of great looking skin on a regular basis, a facial every change of season (four times a year) is recommended.  


Most men who come by for the first time wonder why they've waited so long. It's just that great of a feeling. Have you not paid a lot of attention to your skin? Does your work environment affect your skin? Do you have an event you need to look good for? It is recommended that with problematic skin, or those who have never had a facial, two facials (once monthly) prior to your event will greatly improve your skins' look and feel. Those without many issues are recommended to have a facial at least one week prior to their event. To receive the benefits of great looking skin, a facial every change of season (four times a year) is recommended. 

Mature Skin 50s+

As your skin changes, less moisture is retained and the skin can look and feel dehydrated and fines lines can appear. By doing regular facials you can replenish your skin with the nourishment it needs, especially with the Corpa Flora line. Increased blood circulation and overall improved glow can be achieved by having a facial every change of season or by having express facials done multiple times a year.

The Basics

For those with problematic skin It would be optimal to have a facial once a month or every two months. To those with non-problematic skin our recommendation for taking care of your skin is to come once every change of season, or four times a year.